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Detumescence is a vanitas scene that includes Soft Computing sculptures, fruit, flowers, outmoded technologies, wires, a GIF, and other detritus–all of which decay at different scales of time. The piece was made as a memorial to the lives lost due to COVID-19 and, in its initial exhibition, was livestreamed on YouTube as weekly vigils during a time when people could not responsibly gather and grieve communally.


Soft Computing

Soft Computing is a series of plush dolls that depict technologies. It reconfigures our physical relationship to devices such as desktop computers, keyboard, mice, cell phones, and ethernet cables. As technologies get closer and closer to the body–in our back pockets, our laps, and in our beds–they still remain obstinately hard. Plushies, on the other hand, are huggable media: soft to the touch and very willing to accept our embrace.


Spring Break Art Show installation photo by Samuel Morgan.


The Fetishes

The Fetishes are hybrid GIF-sculptures that use different consumer devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops as their bases. Each device plays a moving-image abstraction of flesh that has been appropriated from pornography. The screen of the device is treated with a tactile substance such as pubic hair, fur, makeup, or lubricant. The Fetishes highlight the physical way we interact with our devices–caressing, prodding, and cradling them all day long. They are installed on top of a commercial counter display that contains working materials (makeup, wires, faux fur), highlighting the tension between the objects’ statuses as both commodities and life partners.

installation photos by Walter Wlodarczyk


Queer Connections

Queer Connections looks at the anthropomorphized interaction of technology with itself in the forms of photography and sculpture. The project plays with the ‘male/female’ nomenclature of wire ends by creating daisy chains of wires that are not meant to be connected. The connections are solidified by nail polish, making each connection both messy and feminized. Queer Connections are laser cut inkjet prints under plexiglass.



Best Viewed Without Underwear

Best Viewed Without Underwear asks viewers, if they desire, to remove their underwear and allow it to be part of the exhibition. “Best Viewed” is a reference to 90’s banner graphics which would declare the proper browser and screen size to optimally display a website. Whether the visitor decides to take off their underwear or not, they are forced to think about their bodily presence in the space and are therefore best equipped to view the other works on view. As installed as part of Speculative Fetish at Transfer Gallery, the piece contains further instructions to find a bathroom in the back of the space, where they would find an additional work in the show, Wire Bath.


Analog Internet IRL

Analog Internet is a video that reveals a pyramid of three-dimensional rendered CRT televisions, each with a different cat video appropriated from YouTube playing. Analog Internet IRL re-imagines having the same relationship to cat videos in physical, not digital, space; it is a sculptural re-imagining of the video version. Cat videos are displayed on physical screens, pyramidally towered. Analog Internet IRL was installed as part of Porn to Pizza curated by Tina Sauerlaender at DAM Gallery in Berlin.



Matrice is an Ethernet cord sculpture that recreates an image from the cyberporn Sexual Matrix which also serves as the background image to VVVVVV. The sculpture acts as a model of the internet and makes reference to computer technology’s intertwined history with the feminine act of weaving.


It Needs You

It Needs You is an installation featuring 120 wires in 60 ethernet ports installed into pink sheets of plexiglass. The wires are smothered in lube and when encountering the piece, sometimes you are too. It Needs You and maybe you need it, too.


Woven Network in Lube

Woven Network in Lube is a sculpture and accompanying fetish video. The sculpture consists of three clear plastic bins with ethernet and phone cords woven through holes bored into their sides. The wires are then drenched in lube, a process that the video depicts. The work is an alternate model of the Internet.