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Queer Connections

Queer Connections looks at the anthropomorphized interaction of technology with itself in the forms of photography and sculpture. The project plays with the ‘male/female’ nomenclature of wire ends by creating daisy chains of wires that are not meant to be connected. The connections are solidified by nail polish, making each connection both messy and feminized. Queer Connections are laser cut inkjet prints under plexiglass.



Ookie Canvases

Ookie Canvases are “paintings” composed of cum shots sampled from pornography or submission isolated from their background, colorized, and collaged together to form an all-over composition. The Sub/emissions canvas is composed entirely of images sent to me in response to an open call via email and anonymous dropbox. Some responses are collected in this zine that accompanies the work. By using cum shots, I can appropriate the phallus in order to infiltrate a male-dominated medium.


Retouch, Reform, Refit

Retouch, Reform, Refit deconstructs contemporary beauty standards and mechanics. Using myself as a subject, I did a thorough retouching of a studio self-portrait in Photoshop. Each image represents the changes to one layer of the Photoshop document, showing the distortions added to my own face to make it look more “beautiful.” This body of work lays bear the process of retouching and it’s the way it deforms facial features and skews our perception of beauty.