Faith Holland | Faith Holland
Website of multimedia artist Faith Holland.
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The Most Beautiful Dick Pics of All Time

Soft Computing

Bullets and Bars

Hello Barbie

Wire Bath

The Fetishes

Queer Connections

Best Viewed Without Underwear


Body Devices

Ookie Canvases

Dirty Blingees

Analog Internet IRL

Visual Orgasms


It Needs You

Porn Interventions


#ff35bc binary

Chelsea Manning Fan Art


Blended Family

First Feline Church of the Internet

Light Petting & Heavy Petting


bg img

Woven Network in Lube

Everyday Makeup

Screen Flicker

Analog Internet

RIP Geocities

Makeup Tips

Retouch, Reform, Refit

Improving, Non-Stop.

Another Way of Seeing (Starry Night)

Artist’s Statement